Professional, Permanent, Durable

Whether tasked with an ambitious landscaping project or residential patio area, contractors face the same issues when it comes to paving; cost, time and durability.

Market leading GEO-fix® and GEO-fix® All Weather Paving and Jointing Compounds are the easiest, fastest and best way to give any stone paving or walling project a professional finish.

This ready to use, air cured pointing mortar comes in two colours and is perfect for use with products such as natural stone, precast concrete paving, stone sets and cobbles. Compared to traditional mortar it is simply brushed into joints with minimal effort and forms a solid, durable joint.

  • Saves time and cost and reduces labour
  • Less mess, less waste
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water and air permeable
  • Suitable for all paving projects
  • Permanent, durable and weed resistant
  • Frost, Ice and chemical resistant
  • GEO-fix® Standard can be used in temperatures below freezing
  • Suitable for stone, slate, concrete clay paving
  • GEO-fix® All Weather is suitable for use in wet conditions