Our Products

GEO-fix® and GEO-fix® All Weather are polymerised sand-based products with a unique formulation. They are supplied in vacuum packed bags and on contact with air the polymer-coated sand particles react with the air and begin to bind together.

No mixing is needed, once the bag is opened, the product will form a solid joint in a matter of hours with minimal effort.

GEO-fix® and GEO-fix® All Weather are suitable for most stone paving from residential patio and walling projects through to large high traffic public areas, it can be used indoors or outdoors and are available in grey, anthracite and natural colours.

GEO-fix® and GEO-fix® All Weather offer a permanent joint unaffected by wind, rain washout or mechanical cleaning equipment. Joints  are extremely durable meaning that the likelihood of repairs is reduced. Plus there will be time and labour saved up front as there is no need for specialist training to apply. The product is so easy to use it will significantly reduce the time spent on any project keeping costs down.

GEO-fix® All Weather can be used in wet or dry conditions, saving time on completing outdoor paving projects as the weather is no longer an issue! Both products are up to 20 times faster to complete than traditional methods and are non-staining so gives an attractive and neat finish, no matter how ornate the paving project is.