Fields of Application

Geo-fix® is a quick and easy way of applying a permanent rigid joint on all types of paving including

  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Terracotta
  • Granite

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate
Ensure that the paving to be jointed is dry and free from loose dirt, debris, oil, grease, etc. It is essential that joint widths are a minimum of 5mm wide with a minimum depth of 25mm. Deeper joints can be part filled with dry sand or other dry materials, to the required minimum depth.

Geo-Fix® has superior flexural strength compared to mortar.
Geo-Fix® should be considered for its aesthetic and not its structural properties.


Geo-Fix® is supplied ready to use and DOES NOT require any further mixing or addition of any other materials.


Carefully open the vacuum packed bag and sprinkle Geo-Fix® sufficient to cover an area of 4-5 m2 (see coverage table below) Using a soft brush, push the Geo-Fix® into the joints ensuring that they are filled with the compound. To ensure a perfect joint press Geo-Fix® into the joints with a pointing tool, or compact into joints using a vibrating plate. Top up as necessary. Any residue left on the surface when cured can be simply cleaned off by sweeping with a stiff brush.


Use Geo-Fix® within 45 minutes of opening. *

Protect treated joints from rain until fully cured. Any contact with rain and water before the compound has set will affect the product.
Do not use at temperatures below 0° C or in wet weather.

The jointing should not be cleaned until cured for at least 7 days. When cleaning the distance between any nozzles and the jointing must be at least 10cm.

* subject to air temperature – (see data sheet for more info)