Easier & Faster

Geo-Fix® All Weather is ready mixed and can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort compared to using traditional mortar.
Geo-Fix® All Weather is easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool saving valuable time compared to traditional wet pointing.
Geo-Fix® All Weather offers huge time saving benefits compared to applying traditional mortar.


Unlike mortar joints Geo-Fix® All Weather is totally resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not crack or pop out with frost.
Geo-Fix® All Weather forms a solid joint that resists weed and plant growth yet is water permeable, allowing water to escape to prevent ponding.
Available in Natural and Grey colours in 14kg size.

  • Suitable for ALL paving including PORCELAIN
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Simply brush into joints and compact
  • Ready to use – no mixing
  • Resists weed and plant growth
  • Totally weatherproof – unaffected by frost
  • For all joints over 5mm wide and minimum 15mm deep
  • Water permeable, allows water escape
  • Cement free
  • Sets hard wont crack or wash out

Geo-Fix® All Weather Working and Curing Times

The curing and working times of Geo-Fix® All Weather are temperature dependent. The warmer the temperature the quicker the compound cures.

The excellent flexural properties of Geo-Fix® All Weather make it an ideal compound for jointing paving elements.

A demonstration showing how Geo-Fix® All Weather simply shrugs off water and sets solid despite its exposure to the wet weather! Geo-Fix® All Weather is the Paving Jointing Compound you really can use in the wet!



PRODUCT: Buff 20Kg

If you do what it says on the tub - the tub does what it says. Make sure the surface and joints are completely dry. Ensure, as far as a forecast can be accurate, that the day you use the product is going to be dry. I used it just after 7am and left it to set for the rest of the day. It rained the following day - no breaking up or discolouration.

Make sure you have enough product for the area to be grouted, especially if the joints are deep like mine were. Work quickly as per the time constraints on the instructions.

Very happy with the result.

Geo-Fix fixed it for me

Excellent product. Would buy it again.

Highly Recommended

Brilliant product. Wanted an easy to use fix for some paving. You have to be quick using it because it sets hard fast but the finish is very good. Would definitely buy again.


Brilliant product

Great product with excellent results, used it to repoint brown marshall stone slabbing (you know, the 45 piece project packs) and it has given an excellent finish. slabbing expert I would suggest the following; Ensure you do all your prep in advance as you won't have time to prep as you go before the geo-fix sets too hard. Pricey, but so worth it, and looks set to last so much longer than other pointing alternatives. I would definitely recommend.

Brilliant, do all your prep in advance