Geo-Fix fixed it for me

PRODUCT: Geofix Original – Buff

If you do what it says on the tub – the tub does what it says. Make sure the surface and joints are completely dry. Ensure, as far as a forecast can be accurate, that the day you use the product is going to be dry. I used it just after 7am and left it to set for the rest of the day. It rained the following day – no breaking up or discolouration.

Make sure you have enough product for the area to be grouted, especially if the joints are deep like mine were. Work quickly as per the time constraints on the instructions.

Very happy with the result.

Found that this did exactly what I wanted with great results

I found that this did exactly what I wanted with great results.I was using it to repair old tatty grouting in between grey granite patio slabs.

The job was done quickly once the vacuum sealed bag was opened – a must as it starts to set when the air gets to it, so you only have 45 minutes to complete while the geo-fix is still workable. The hard work was in doing the preparation, as the gaps need to be 25mm deep x 5mm wide(minimum), but the actual application of geo-fix was easy – just brush into the gaps and compact down (I used the edge of my hand) – repeat, when compacted until the gap, is filled with packed down geo-fix and then simply slide along with a brick mortar tool or use a short piece of hose pipe to give a nice u shaped smooth finish – then stand back and admire! 4 hours later it is set hard but is still water permeable so you won’t get standing water on your patio when it rains.


Absolutely brilliant. Does exactly what it says on the lid. I found it so easy to lay and the end product is very effective!

Highly Recommended

Excellent product. Would buy it again.

Five stars

Stops the weeds coming through the patio. Wonderful!

Can Recommend

Easy to use, excellent!

Brilliant, do all your prep in advance

Great product with excellent results, used it to repoint brown marshall stone slabbing (you know, the 45 piece project packs) and it has given an excellent finish. slabbing expert I would suggest the following; Ensure you do all your prep in advance as you won’t have time to prep as you go before the geo-fix sets too hard. Pricey, but so worth it, and looks set to last so much longer than other pointing alternatives. I would definitely recommend.

Brilliant product

Brilliant product. Wanted an easy to use fix for some paving. You have to be quick using it because it sets hard fast but the finish is very good. Would definitely buy again.

Does what it says on the tin!

Does what it says on the tin! Excellent product.